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Our choir was formed when the Regent Players, who did Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas, folded in 1989.  Some enthusiastic members decided to form a new group with Christine Howlett as musical director.  It was decided that the new group should attempt a much wider repertoire than the Regent Players, singing music of many different styles and from many eras.  Because of this it was decided that a suitable name for the new group would be

Over the years the choir has raised thousands of pounds for charities including the Air Ambulance, Cransley Hospice, Parkinsonís Disease and the Stroke Association. 

Our concerts feature a wide range of music; from sacred to secular, traditional to modern,  progressive to folk; we love singing music from the shows and music from films, as well as classical songs and well known standards; we sing in all sorts of styles from classical choral to jazz.  In our concerts we like to feature the individual talents of some of our members in poetry, song and comedy.  We also often have items in our programmes by local, talented, people.




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